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We couldn't have imagined a more perfect photographer for our wedding! Alex made the planning process so easy and smooth. When it came to the big day, he was such a joy to work with! He had my bridesmaids and I laughing non-stop and he had endless amounts of energy and ideas! When our photos were ready to view, I couldn't help but become a big ball of emotion. Alex captured every moment in the most breathtaking way possible. We have gotten so many compliments and I would choose Alex over and over again! I will forever be able to look back on the most memorable day of my life and feel like I am there all over again.
Amanda C.

PERFECTION doesn't even begin to describe how beautiful these photos are. I cant believe how beautiful and amazing they came out...Jorge and I are just speechless THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for capturing our wedding so beautiful.
Melissa B.

"Can I just say AMAZEBALLZ??!!!!! I have not been able to stop crying for two days! The images you captured have moved my Italian heart like an earthquake! You've also made me smile....a LOT!!!! Thank you for your creative genius! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!!!! It was a great honor to meet you! Continued ABUNDANT success and blessings to you and your family! Seriously, you should be named BEST PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE UNIVERSE!!!! just sayin' With love and sincere gratitude ."
Linda M.

Oh my goodness!!! we just got through looking at our pictures on your website! Your eye for the perfect shot is absolutely amazing, we could not be happier. you captured every moment perfectly, thank you thank you thank you!
Desirae R.

"Alex, I can't imagine a better photographer or someone as fun to work with, and your setups are so fast! Watching you, I kept wondering if I could incorporate some of your energetically affirming techniques into my directing of actors, yelling "that's amazing! You're beautiful!" In the middle of takes to keep 'em pumped 😀
Ha! You're absolutely amazing dude!"
John-Michael S.

This guy is awesome at what he does!!!! 👍👍👍
Mark L.

Alex is a true artist and a master of his craft!! This coming from the mother of the... bride 2014 and the groom 2016. Yes, he was the photographer at both of our kids weddings....that's how good he is... we needed an encore!! He was very entertaining and made the process fun with epic shots of the bridal couple and everyone at the wedding, we had such a great time we didn't even realize the time that passed! His albums are a "Piece of Art"!!  Unforgettable life time memories forever preserved like that of a Superstar!! Worth every penny!! If you want the best.... Alex is an EPIC photographer.
Melissa L.